One Creative Act

Stevan Brown — Coming Home to the Embrace of Community

Episode Summary

A family tragedy called Stevan Brown back home. After working in Public Relations while living in New York, Stevan returned to Neptune Beach, Florida, and reclaimed her local status by contributing to the community and bringing vision into action. With her brother and sister-in-law, Greg and Julie Schwartzenberger as partners, the trio purchased a 1947 hotel, The Palms Retro in Atlantic Beach. Today, the reborn Hotel Palms is a hub for gathering — music, fashion shows, weddings, great coffee and conversation, yoga classes, and special events. And all of this within the hotel’s original courtyard surrounded by eleven guest rooms. Family and community. Two things we both love; Stevan shares her embrace of both and why. We couldn’t be in conversation without mention of the recent local tragedy and loss of Timmy Obi. Our hearts and prayers are with the Obi family, Hope and healing through tragedy, as Stevan shares, is because of the power of community.

Episode Notes

Keeping her commitments intentional — serving family and community, Stevan Brown returned to Neptune Beach, Florida after four years working in New York. The tragic loss of her parents brought her home; even with immense loss, her creative family leaned in and were embraced by the community. Stevan is a wife, momma, co-owner and Public Relations Director at The Hotel Palms, and shares authentically her story of why community and family matter most of all; and when you look for signs, they always appear. 

In this conversation, you’ll hear: