One Creative Act

Patti Hughes: The Treasures of Life, Naturally

Episode Summary

Founder and CEO of booming lifestyle brand, Natural Life — Patti Hughes is creative, vibrant and above all, fun. She inherited creative genes and a girls-can-do-anything attitude from her own creative momma and now through her thriving business, she’s the one inspiring and empowering women to step into doing what makes them happy. The Jacksonville, Florida, boho-lifestyle based brand varies from comfy sweatshirts and day planners, to journals and unique gifts for the home; it’s Patti’s attitude for ‘no pressure’ that keeps driving the company to be playful, spirited and successful. She created a growing company from her home beginning humbly in 1996. Today, Natural Life treasures are carried in over 5000 retail stores across the US with primary sales online through She lives and works in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and believes the treasures of life, and of her business, have been allowing the business to unfold naturally. Her products, known as treasures, and their messaging speak universal truths and spread courage and encouragement to anyone who finds them. Her wit and wisdom are shining traits and are a true reflection of the joy that is Natural Life.

Episode Notes

Patti Hughes is a true treasure — her enthusiasm for life, motherhood, creating and working with her growing team and business at Natural Life and her passion for having fun — are infectious. She never put pressure on any of the unfolding processes and growth of Natural Life; it is organic and passion-driven. Enjoy hearing Patti’s approach to stay committed to the client, creating fun and enjoying the creative, natural process, and keeping perspective to love every part of expanding along the way. 

In this conversation, you’ll hear: