One Creative Act

Rachel Roberts Mattox: Slaying Dragons & Creating Beauty

Episode Summary

Founder of Oyl and Water, an international brand development boutique for the conscious beauty entrepreneur, Rachel Roberts Mattox believes her business is just a vehicle to inspire a bigger movement. A movement of alignment to cause a beautiful world. Her conscious, thought-led creative process is how she causes everything to happen. From taking on a new client to the end result of a consciously created product, her communication and leadership in branding, strategizing and marketing illustrate grace, soul, and conviction in business while always keeping the bigger picture of our global impact in mind. She’s an expert at building beauty brands like Credo, Beauty Heroes, Detox Market, among others and works closely with luxury spas and salons around the world. She’s had her own dragons to slay along the beauty road; but her challenges keep waking her up to live and lead from spirit.

Episode Notes

After years in San Francisco, Sedona, and staying on a plane more than being on the ground, Rachel Roberts Mattox shifted gears and lives in the Beaches of Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and baby girl. She works globally as the Founder of her brand development company, Oyl and Water; although successful in business, her real success is her beauty and wisdom from loving fully, listening deeply, and embracing her strength and softness in all the right ways. 

Her personal health journey interrupted her fast paced climb and has become a dragon to slay every day; she shares that transformation isn’t a one-time gig and creating beauty is a practice in every moment. We talk about parenthood, marriage, being strong and independent and learning how to love bigger than our independence. 

In this conversation, you’ll hear: