One Creative Act

TF Jenkins: Living a Life of Creative Abundance

Episode Summary

He’s the one that stands beside me every day; and he's the man who lives creatively on the daily and claims abundance as a way of life. (pun intended — he's a brilliant wealth advisor!) TF Jenkins is living a life of creative abundance. A wealth advisor of his firm Rivergrass Wealth Management in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, a fifth generation Jacksonvillian, a gifted storyteller, a daddy, and an incredibly creative financial advisor. His jack of all trades resume — builder, lawyer, finance guy, surfer, cook, yardman, flyfisherman, parent, husband, traveler, trailblazer — is creative proof of his commitment to try new things and embrace the process of growth and change every day. He left construction law in Seattle to return home to the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida where he transformed his legal and construction life into finance and found his love for people and supporting their needs. He has created his whole life as an adventure and shares a businessman and father’s perspective of vision, taking risks, the importance of history, change, and creating new. He shares the importance of trying new things for the sake of your kids and all that results from creative choice.

Episode Notes

TF Jenkins shares the top three values in most individuals: faith, family, and finance. What you put first shapes your whole life. Starting a family in Seattle and choosing to move back to his hometown of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida has given him a perspective of taking risks while trusting something bigger. His creativity in his profession as a wealth advisor is a choice — from the office he’s made as a home away from home to his attention to detail with every client. 

His love for family is shared through encouraging his kids to try new things alongside him. And he shares that this is the most important thing for kids to experience — seeing their parents try something new first. His eloquent voice and calm demeanor are lovely to experience and are qualities he holds in success and under pressure. 

The relationship we share comes through our conversation. I’m so proud to call him my husband; and he really is the example of living a life of creative abundance.

In this conversation, you’ll hear: