One Creative Act

My Favorite Things & Spiritual Eyes — Being With Others and Being For Others, Mary Lyn Jenkins

Episode Summary

The holiday season is my absolute favorite. I wanted to share a sweet joy of the season with you — my first ‘favorite things’ party. But what I gained from it might surprise you. Equally, my Christmas wish for everyone…to practice seeing with spiritual eyes. In this episode, I share the true treasure of sharing your favorite things with good friends, how to practice using your spiritual eyes to see others and be for them; and I sprinkle some simple, creative ways to share the spirit of the heart with people all around you. As a lifelong creative, I use every medium possible to stir myself and others. As a Certified coach and multi-passionate entrepreneur, I believe in the power of creativity to pull us together and keep us awake to the season all year through. Thanks for letting me share my Christmas wishes, a sneak peak of what I'm working on, and the joys of what I've learned we each have to give this season. Happy Holidays!

Episode Notes

Hey ya’ll. I am Mary Lyn Jenkins and I am a lifelong creative and use every medium possible to stir myself and others. This second season of the podcast has been an opportunity to UP the game of creativity and introduce service as the most meaningful way to use our creativity. I’m best known for training and coaching individuals to stand in love and choice and find their voice and do the thing they must do; and I love extraordinary stories of overcoming hardship - especially when creativity caused the breakthrough. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and momma, I write, speak, coach, design, and am on a constant quest for beauty and my own personal development. 

This episode, I’m going solo. It is my Christmas wish sprinkled with some easy creative acts to bring into your relationships and daily steps. “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.” This season, and always, see one another with spiritual eyes and put others before yourself. Deepened relationship might just be the end result. Here's some ways to incorporate loving others, having fun (my first favorite things party!) and being for others throughout the season and beyond.

In this conversation, you’ll hear: