One Creative Act

Jenna Alexander: Real Life Art — Its Imperfect Beauty

Episode Summary

Beautiful and strong, joyful and soft — Jenna Alexander, St. Augustine, Florida artist, momma, and wife, is authentic and comfortable in every expression. Her artwork is a breath of fresh air and she shares her perspective on life as an artist in a small town with that same freshness. Her message is real life - messy, imperfect and beautiful. With no hesitation, Jenna expresses her emotions as a creative and a human being. She shares her perspective on the power and mis-messaging through social media and letting go of the ‘perfect picture.’ Her creative act, beginning with the unpopular choice of saying yes to being an artist, has given her a life of daily color. Her sweet wisdom on perseverance, letting go, kids, homeschooling, motherhood, social media, and what’s on her horizon are all shared from the heart.

Episode Notes

Jenna Alexander  has created a life from her creativity and exudes beauty with every word she speaks. She’s quick to say that it’s most important to stop the perfection that social media can display, and take time to see what’s in front of you. She shares the reality of life as a wife and mom, homeschooling as her new venture for 2020, and what’s on the horizon with her creativity. Jenna shares how her creative acts have made her who she is every step of the way. Her lightheartedness and spirit inspired me to soak up every word she had to say.

She shares what our culture is too committed to; and what came out of 2020 for her. Her vulnerability is in every expression; and her story is one of staying true to her passion and stepping day by day into her continued love for creativity and her passion for it.

In this conversation, you’ll hear: