One Creative Act

Mary Lyn Jenkins — Season One Finale; Listening to Others and My One Creative Act

Episode Summary

It has been an incredible Season One! In this final episode of Season One, I share all I’ve learned through taking my one creative act — trying something new that I’ve never done before — creating this podcast! I share what I’ve learned through my journey that isn’t so different from what I heard in each of my guest’s stories. I share what I learned from each of my amazing season one guests, the insights they vulnerably and authentically gave us and the relatedness we all hold. I give you my five greatest take-aways from the season. Each guest shared their challenges. And it was through the challenge that wisdom was gained, a creative act taken, and a journey was created. My learning through them was listening. People want to share and they have pure gold to give us through their sharing. My own creative process of leaning into One Creative Act had challenges and was a journey for me, as well. This episode is a powerful reminder of how similarly we are all moving through life. One Creative Act will be taking a short break in preparation of Season Two. We launch the new season on November 4th. Thank you so much for listening, connecting and claiming your creativity, It’s the very thing that may heal us all.

Episode Notes

The Season One Finale episode is here! It has been an amazing beginning and this first season has been full of inspiration featuring extraordinary, creative heroes from the city of Jacksonville, Florida who have taken risks, stepped into their dreams, and claimed their creativity — they each tried something new without knowing the journey that would result from their choice. Challenges and triumphs, their stories are here in Season One to inspire us each into creative action. 

In this solo episode, I share my favorite insights and what I learned through Season One. I give my top five take-aways of the season. These learnings are both what I learned from my amazing guests and also through my personal creative act of taking this new step  — creating the podcast, One Creative Act! You’ll hear why I took this step, the process I experienced and how I found an increased sense of relatedness in taking a risk and  trying something new. 

We will take a short break to prepare for Season Two that begins Thursday, November 4, 2021. During the break, I would love for you to enjoy the 15 episodes of Season One and stay connected with me through my website and @onecreativeact 

Thank you for listening!! I am inspired by YOU and can't wait for Season Two! 

In this conversation you’ll hear: