One Creative Act

Katherine Way — Proof it all works together ... in perfect timing

Episode Summary

At age 54, you might be ready to take a break. But not this designer who appears to have just gotten started. Local Jacksonville, Florida visionary, Katherine Way, got the challenge she needed from her husband nine years ago. She couldn’t find a dress that fit. He said, well, why don’t you design it? Packing up her career in marketing and moving over to the world of fashion, Katherine has created an incredible empire of tasteful resort wear that fits every curve perfectly. Hot pinks and greens, navy and reds, sophisticated and approachable patterns mixed with the perfect shade of solid — Katherine Way tops, bottoms, and dresses have the perfect look for all body types and the simplicity of care, made-in-the-USA, and SPF sun protection built into the fabric are all things to feel good about. But what inspires most of all is Katherine. She said yes to adventure and is full of how-to make your dreams your life. She’s proof that it all works together at the perfect age and in the perfect timing.

Episode Notes

Full of life and full of vision when most would consider wrapping up a career, Katherine Way was just getting started. In her mid-fifties, she needed a dress and couldn’t find anything. The challenge came from her husband to make it herself; and thus began the quest for every woman to have a Katherine Way dress in her closet. 

Imagine a dress that fits (and looks great!) for all sized-women. Simplicity of care, made-in-the-USA, and SPF sun protection built into the fabric increase the feel-good factor. Colors and patterns that enliven and brighten every face. And a confidence that washes over the minute the woman and dress meet. The beauty that is seen in Katherine’s designs is inspiring — but saying yes to adventure, building something to make women feel and look great, and doing so while remaining poised and trusting the process is the real story. Katherine’s  flagship shop is in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and her fashion treasures can be found online and throughout golfing and specialty boutiques nationwide. 

What you’ll hear in this conversation: