One Creative Act

Carlie Christenson — Growing Up Passionate; Puberty, Perspective, and a Lifelong Passion Project

Episode Summary

At the age of nine, Carlie Christenson just wanted to fix a problem. Her pubescent body was developing headlights; a natural shift from little girl to teen. But when it looks everything but natural, a baggy sweatshirt and figuring out ways to cover up your chest seem the best option. She turned to the support of her mom and dad — both entrepreneurs and business owners who trusted Carlie’s vision to support herself and friends with their changing bodies. Boob-eez was born. Well, it wasn’t born overnight. Fourteen years later at the age of 24, Carlie has a hard work, stay-the-course, perseverance story that has produced a product that is sold coast to coast and just made it in partnership with Spanx! The 100% medical grade silicone derived from quartz minerals (and never using latex), Boob-eez is the washable, reusable nipple cover for all women of all shapes, colors and sizes. Carlie's is a passion project story of vision, rejection, challenges, perseverance, love and patience. But it’s her attitude that we can all learn from. Her perspective and truth of what it takes to pour yourself passionately into life so you can receive all the passion out is universal and for every age.

Episode Notes

Carlie Christenson said YES to entrepreneurship at the age of nine! A Neptune Beach, Florida native, Carlie is quick to acknowledge her Mom and Dad for their early support in her young vision. She was the pulse that drove an idea into a product that now sells coast to coast AND just made its way into partnership on internationally recognized Spanx’s website! Boob-eez — nipple covers, stick on bras and seamless layers for women of all ages — was a little girl’s idea to solve a problem. Little did she know that problems would be solved and a business would bloom along her own blossoming. Now, 14 years in the making, Carlie is passionate and shares a mature and professional perspective that far exceeds her 24 years of life. While she’s clearly a great businesswoman, it’s her attitude we can all learn from. 

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