One Creative Act

Emilie Christenson — Fashion Forward, Loving People and Life through Retail Therapy

Episode Summary

Smart, savvy, hip and completely down to earth — Emilie Christenson has the secret sauce in offering retail therapy through her iconic Neptune Beach, Florida boutique, Jaffi’s. Twenty years in the making, Jaffi’s is Emilie’s space to share her passion for making women of all ages feel and look great. She felt the pull to do something outside of corporate America and didn’t even realize how full her life would be until she took the leap. The problem was a ‘me problem’ she explains. Not the previous corporate job. But rather when she recognized she was missing out on every family photo, she was ready to make a change, claim her entrepreneur spirit, and create her own way that could bring family forward while also loving her work. She provides inspiration to us all through her momma magic, commitment to marriage through thick and thin, and joy-filled work ethic. Her fashion sense is more than sending ladies off with a shopping bag full of clothes. She loves people, creating her life, and delivering retail therapy with every special guest to Jaffi’s.

Episode Notes

Hip and down to earth, Emilie Christenson has created an iconic boutique in Neptune Beach, Florida that celebrates and satisfies women of all ages. It’s a rare treasure and a space where Emilie says she delivers true retail therapy. Jaffi’s, the 20-year-old boutique, has brought joy and the life she wanted; and she didn’t even know it until she took the leap out of corporate. It’s her story that got her here — family, challenges, choice, motherhood, and building things her way — that delivers heartfelt inspiration. And lucky for you. She’s available every week to offer her fashion forward savviness, love for people and joy for life. 

In this conversation, you’ll hear: