One Creative Act

Creativity, The Catalyst for Transition & Transformation

Episode Summary

This podcast exists to inspire creative action through the power of storytelling. It’s through connection and elevated conversation that new pathways, inspiration and even transformation is available. Enjoy heartfelt stories from local heroes and community builders who are living more fulfilled lives and causing a ripple effect. Discover how creativity, the catalyst for transition and transformation, can create your whole life! In Episode One, hear my solo episode and the foundation that has supported me in taking the step to create this new venture. You’ll hear my story and how creative action has been the source of every great shift in my life. Find out what you can look forward to with my guests in Season One and the creative lens from which they live and contribute to themselves and the world.

Episode Notes

As a writer, speaker, coach, yoga teacher, designer, and momma, my quest for beauty and personal development have been intertwined my whole life. A paint brush in one hand. A box of tissues in the other. I am Mary Lyn Jenkins and I am a lifelong creative and use every medium possible to stir myself and others. I’m probably best known for training and coaching individuals to stand in love, forgiveness and choice and find their voice; and I love extraordinary stories of overcoming hardship - especially when creativity caused the breakthrough. 


In this conversation, you’ll hear: